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buildingbooks asked: Hullo! I was wondering if you have considered a build post on how you make your books? You do awesome work :)

I shall post my standard book construction steps.



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coming soon.....Dameon's Door

by BCcreativity

A little boy the age of six, named Dameon was a restless soul to say the least. He constantly had endless thoughts running through his mind. He had no friends and kept to himself, fidgeting about and endlessly pacing the corridors of the mansion.

Dameon had a little secret. He would stay up late in his room and listen to voices magnify with clarity as the hours past. By witching hour, he was well into conversation with spirits from the underworld.
On the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year of his existence, Dameon sat in his room with a sense of concern for no voices called to him or welcomed a conversation.

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This is my fantasy novel I published in 2006.
I have wanted to bind my novel for some time now.
I finally got some free time away from commissions to make this happen.
This copy has extra material in the back of the book and I have added a full color map.

8.5 x10.5 red leather novel with decorative inlays and filigree. Hand tooled and gold design.
Handmade marbled paper for the end-sheets and hand sewn headbands. 
Finished off with a weighted ribbon bookmark.

Private copy